Nano Bear Rainforest Animals offers a fun way for children to learn a variety of rainforest animals and their sounds through exploratory play. Easy to use and great for young children.


Nano Bear Rainforest Animals is a cute early learning app that teaches children a variety of sounds of common rainforest animals. With bright colors, realistic sound effects, and a simple to use user interface, this app is great for young children of all ages to enjoy.


The developers have done a great job creating an app that is not only easy to use, but beautiful to look at. Nano Bear Rainforest Animals is full of amazing graphics with bright colors that are sure to keep little ones engaged and learning. The sound effects are also very well done and add to the overall realistic feel of the app. With arrows at the bottom of each page and simple tap and touch functioning throughout the app, children are going to have no problem at all playing and learning with this app.


The main concept for Nano Bear Rainforest Animals is for children to learn a bit about the rainforest animals. As each new animal is presented, players can tap on the animal to hear it’s sound. They can then test what they have learned with the quizzes as they hear a sound and must select the correct animal. While this app doesn’t teach children the name of each animal it does offer a learning opportunity for children using sounds etc. Of course adding the name of each animal as an added feature would increase the overall educational value of the app.


While the concept is simple, little ones are sure to have a ton of fun with this app exploring the wide variety of animals included. With frogs, snakes, rhinos and more, this app offers lots of fun animals to find, learn about and explore as they play. The quiz activity also adds a bit of interest as children are able to test what they’ve learned with ease.


Priced at just under a dollar this app is priced very well for what you get. With 11 animals, 4 quizzes, and a safe and easy to use interface, parents are sure to be happy with all that this app has to offer at such a great price.


Not only is Nano Bear Rainforest Animals incredibly fun and easy to use, it’s safe too. The developers have done a great job protecting young players from being exposed to any external links or other areas they shouldn’t be in. With simple tap and touch functioning and the help of arrows at the bottom of each page, this app makes is easy for children to learn, play, and explore. Great for preschoolers and toddlers to enjoy!

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