Join Nano Bear and Junior the monkey as they explore the farm! Children can tap 11 bright, colourful animals to hear all the different noises they make. There are also 4 simple flash-card type quizzes for children to match the sound with the animal.

Can they spot Junior and Nano Bear hiding in the scenes too?

What our experts think

Our testers really enjoyed visiting the farm with Nano Bear, naming the animals as they went and tapping to hear all of the different sounds. We also had a few copying the animal sounds and even flapping their arms like chicken wings! The app is simple and colourful, so even young children can have a go at tapping the animals.

We found the app was a good way to start a discussion about when children had visited the farm, with one tester talking about the time she fed carrots to some horses in a field. This gets children to think about events in their lives, promotes engagement, and encourages language skills.

It would be even better if…

Children needed to be shown the arrow to navigate between scenes, and this had a bit of a delay so they would skip some animals by accident.

Our testers didn’t understand what the quiz was, so an adult might need to guide them with this.

– Fundamentally Children

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