Small Frogs, in Swedish Små Grodorna is an app specifically created to have fun with a classic Swedish song that is traditionally played during the popular Midsummer celebrations in June.
Join our friends Nano Bear and Junior Monkey and learn the dance moves!

In collaboration with BILINGUAL BY MUSIC this app is designed to be a bilingual experience (Swedish and English) and users can have fun switching between the two languages – “we believe that even non Swedish speakers can enjoy the Swedish version and children can practice and even learn a new language through singing”, Kristin Hellberg founder of Bilingual by music.

You can buy BILINGUAL BY MUSIC Kids songs CDs on Amazon.

This sing-along App has a hidden bonus track that is about the little pigs – users will be able to access this fun version by tapping on the little piglet that waves into the scene towards the end of the song.

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